keynote speaker - facilitator - emcee
keynote speaker - facilitator - emcee

brain science ? the WHY?

He had a way of compelling loyalty; we would have gone anywhere without question just on his order. What more glowing tribute could any leader wish for??

Eulogy for Sir Ernest Shackleton, from Frank Worsley, Captain of the Endurance?[1]

If, like Sir Ernest Shackelton, you want to reap the rewards of an engaged workforce; want people to come with you during change; want to be in the lead, with optimal profit and productivity; and in the process, build a thriving culture ? the bottom line is that you have to earn the right.

And as David Rock says, the ability to leverage brain science and ?intentionally address the social brain in service of optimal performance will become a key leadership capability in coming years??[2]


Appearances and Engagements




In her keynote, Penny will take you through:

  • How to boost productivity and wellbeing, leveraging the fascinating body of brain science and positive psychology research
  • The surprising role brain chemistry plays in embracing change, embedding learning and building trust
  • Simple yet rock-solid, evidence-backed tools, tips and ideas that can impact culture, productivity, change, wellbeing, and even business development.

about penny

Penny Nesbitt is a highly experienced facilitator, speaker, and author. Her focus is on culture and change management, the practical application of positive psychology and neuroscience, and developing thriving people and enhanced productivity through a strengths-based approach.

Over many years, she has delivered workshops, lectures and motivational talks across AsiaPac to diverse groups, from graduates to executive level, in both the private and public industry sector, community groups and university undergraduates.

In June 2017, her first book was published – Culture 101: creating places where people thrive and profits grow – which has received great reviews on Amazon and Goodreads.

She has also appeared several times on radio national ABC; was interviewed on radio 2UE and for HR Daily; has Emceed large charity events and corporate conferences; she presented several masterclasses on culture and change at two Convergence (Change Management) conferences, delivered keynotes to diverse audiences in the public and private sector, and has been a regular contributor to Westpac?s Ruby Connection website.

Penny has a reputation for presenting complex material in a highly engaging, impactful, at many times light-hearted way, weaving stories and anecdotes throughout her delivery.


She is now a sought after key note speaker, facilitator and change management consultant and regularly presents, facilitates and collaborates on the following topics, drawing on neuroscience and positive psychology:

Culture and Change Management

Brain Science, Leadership & Change

Postive Psychology and Strengths Based Leadership

Team Building (minus the paintball)

Imaginistics: creating a culture of creativity and innovation

The Power of Storytelling at Work

applying brain science – the what and how

Deep Influence? Deep listening...

If you want to influence anyone to do anything, if you want to outsell?your nearest competitor, want people to come with you during change,?to reap the rewards of an engaged workforce, and in the process, build a thriving culture ? the bottom line is you have to earn the right.

Shift: The culture & change
management toolkit

Managing change is a constant in business today, from smaller changes like a minor rebranding, through to sweeping changes such as digital transformation, mergers and acquisitions or a major relocation. And there?s no question – there?s a lot to do to achieve your goals and objectives, and to get your people across the line within your timeframe.

Talks That

What if you could talk your way to thriving people, high performing?teams and a humming culture? oh, and boost your productivity and profits along the way???And no, we?re not into air fairy promises ? but we are about rock solid, brain science-based,?simple, effective, and easy to apply culture?hacks.

Culture: The Core and The Edge

What exactly is culture? What makes a culture great? How do you preserve that? What ?breaks? it? And if it?is??broken?, how do you fix it?

Fact is, there?s a big difference between fluking a great culture, and with knowing what it takes to create, sustain and drive it. Or to start turning things around if, based on the feedback you?re getting, your culture really does need a serious overhaul.

Thrive: The Feedback Factor

Whether you?re leading a team of 1, 21 or 101, from time to time giving someone feedback, nudging people back on course, is inevitable. And as science tells us, if it?s done well it can be a powerful and positive tool to help people flourish. So, what you might ask, is the formula for success? The formula for giving (and receiving!) feedback that not only hits the mark and leads to improved productivity, but also leaves both parties in pretty good shape, and removes much of the angst, avoidance and stress so often associated with feedback?

Culture 101
Creating places where people thrive and profits grow

So, your company has strategised, downsized, agonised, rightsized, analysed, surveyed and more. And yet, looking at your latests results, things are still not exactly what you’d call ‘humming around here’.

Chances are too, particularly if you’ve survived a restructure or two or three, the reasons you took your job, the strengths you loved using and getting better at are now a fond, distant memory.

What if you knew that by using some simple, practical tools, backed by scientific studies conducted over many years, you could significantly increase engagement, productivity and profit?

...and now, how to apply brain science at work...



“Penny’s language is real and all her own and her engaging style is worth the time spent!”

Sue Langley

CEO, The Langley Group

“Penny Nesbitt has been there, done that. She brings decades of deep wisdom to the art and science of building a working culture that actually works”

Colin James

The Colin James Method

“Workplace culture, leadership and its impact on people and profit…Penny passionately lives and breathes this every day…A wealth of knowledge for all business leaders!”

Mark Hewitson

HR Manager, Xchanging - A CSC Company